SING Childcare recognizes that children learn through teaching and play. With this in mind we offer both structured and free play for the children who attend our childcare.


Age appropriate activities will be scheduled with the flexibility to respond to the needs of each individual child and their various ages. At SING Childcare we specialize in childcare for children ages 3 months old through four years old  (3 months - 36 months).


Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Free Play - Indoor and outdoor


  • Lesson plans that are geared toward the children we care for. We focus on including all children and ensuring each child is receiving the learning experience they deserve.


  • Hands-on teaching, interactive learning and self-expression through a variety of methods and strategies are all included at SING Childcare. We believe this philosophy allows the shining imaginations of your children to be nurtured and grown.

Indoor Activities

Welcome the Morning: color/letter/numbers, manners, emotions,  learning-time: work on social skills along with lessons on how to: tie, Velcro, button, etc., free play: blocks, simple puzzles, singing, dancing, music-time, story-time, healthy play food, interactive stuffed animals, cars/trucks, various LeapFrog learning toys, games, interactive and sing along story books, musical instruments etc.

Outdoor activities

Climbing, sliding, jumping, running, balls, bubbles, ride-on toys, wagons, playhouses, various games, pretend play, and sometimes a few scrapes and bruises. Due to the safe environment/toys we have at SING Childcare we hope to prevent any injuries before they happen. We provide constant supervision and have installed "Playground Rubber" for the entire play area. This provides a six foot fall safe surface. NOTE: Our tallest outdoor activity climber has a deck that is approximately three feet from the playground surface. A six foot fall safe surface may be overkill, but after all we are protecting your most precious cargo.


During the summer months (June, July and August) we allow for more outdoor activities and play outdoors nearly every day (weather permitting).

TV Viewing

SING Childcare currently does not regularly view television with the children. We encourage free play or learning activities. We do use several streaming shows (videos) to assist with programs (Fire/Earthquake Drills, Hand Washing and Potty Training, ABC's, Numbers, Animals, etc.). These are children’s programs/videos which are age appropriate.


We have organized age appropriate toys for the young toddler and older toddlers. We believe that bringing outside toys into the general playroom or playground areas often creates confusion and tension so we discourage any personal toys in these areas. 


We have many options for the children to choose from. We are sure they will never feel as though they “don’t have anything” to do or play with. At SING Childcare we do not allow any toys that replicate weapons in any way. Nor do we allow or encourage use of any toys for pretend play that is any way violent. We are sure that in today’s world you understand.


Parent/guardian(s) are welcome to bring special food treats for their child's birthday.  Please arrange with SING Childcare beforehand as other children may have allergies to specific foods. The children will learn about most major holidays and we may have holiday parties and/or holiday related activities. These will be secular activities as religious teachings are left to the parent. If you’d prefer your child not participate in any planned parties, alternate care will need to be arranged during those times. 

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