Children may be enrolled for full-time care from 12 months through three years of age (12 months - 36 months), regardless of race, creed, or religious beliefs.


The following forms are required by the state of California and need to be read, completed and/or signed prior to enrollment:

  • Consent For Emergency Medical Treatment (complete/sign/date)

  • Permission To Administer Inhaled Medications (complete/sign/date. If your child does not use inhaled medications please put NA and turn in form. This can always be updated.)

  • Identification And Emergency Information (complete/sign/date)

  • Notification of Parents Rights (sign/date)

  • Caregiver Background Check Process (read)

  • Family Child Care Consumer Awareness Information (read)

  • Immunization Record (complete/supply)

  • Child’s Preadmission Health History-Parents Report (complete/sign/date)

  • Parent Notification Additional Children In Care (read-At this time SING Childcare has a capacity of 6 children and has no plans to increase that capacity. This form would be provided by SING Childcare only when moving from 6 to 8 children.)

  • Affidavit Regarding Liability Insurance (read-SING Childcare current "DOES" carry liability for child care. This for is only provided if SING Childcare does not carry liability.)

  • Parents Guide to Choosing Childcare (read)

  • Guidelines for Illnesses Requiring Exclusion - Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standard; 3.6.1 page 81 (read)


California state law requires that you have access to your child’s care facility. At SING Childcare we are happy to have you visit us. You or your family should feel free to come and visit your child. However, please be aware that it can be disruptive to the other children as well as your child. If you’d like to stay for an extended period of time please speak with us and we can setup a time that will work well for you, your child and the other children. Our goal is to ensure you can visit at any time while allowing a minimal amount of distraction. We maintain an open-door policy for parents during daycare hours. Please be aware that doors are often locked during the day for the safety of the children but SING Childcare tries to make sure the door is unlocked near pick up times. 

Childcare at any time during operating hours. Call/Text if the door is locked.


SING Childcare is licensed and complies with all applicable licensing regulations and standards. These standards relate to our home, staff, health, safety procedures, nutrition, care giver to child ratios, and record keeping. Our home is subject to inspection by state and city health, fire, and licensing officials.


We accept children ages one through four years old (12 months - 36 months). We provide a curriculum that allows all children a learning experience appropriate for their age group.


We are required by law to report any suspected incidents of possible child abuse or neglect. Your child can be questioned by child protective services at any time without your consent.


This is our home as well as our business, so please be respectful of our family and home by adhering to the policies and procedures outlined in the parent handbook. We reserve the right to amend any portion of the Contract at any time. If and/or when we do make any changes to the contract you will be given a copy.


All information provided will be kept confidential. Absolutely no information will be released to persons other than parent/guardian unless prior written permission has been received.


SING Childcare

  • Respects the privacy of all children at our childcare facility. Therefore we do not take pictures or videos of any children at our facility. Nor do we allow any visitors, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. to do so. We respectfully ask that you adhere to this policy. 

  • Is a peanut free zone. Please do not bring peanuts into our facility. 

  • Is a no bully zone and has a no bully policy. We believe that Being Kind is COOL!!!

  • Does not transport any child by car or any moving vehicle, for any reason. If there is an emergency, we contact the parents/guardian or 911. 

  • Does not offer field trips.

  • Does not include/have any pets.

  • SING Childcare is a mandated reporter and will promptly report to the proper authorities any sign of neglect or abuse of the children in care.


  • Play is an important part of development and children will get messy/dirty during activities. Please do not send children in special outfits you do not want dirty or stained.

  • You are welcome to call/text during the day or evening with any questions. However, our cell phone is generally off between 5:00pm and 7:30am. If you are unable to reach us, please leave a message and your call/text will be returned as soon as possible.

  • You are required to keep us informed of any change in addresses, telephone numbers, and other pertinent information. 

  • Willful destruction of property may be charged to the parent/guardian at the cost to replace the item.  

  • No smoking on or near premises 

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your child. Please feel free to contact us at  any time with any questions (there are no wrong questions) and to set-up a tour. We are here to help in any way.

CONTACT US: Enrollment Inquires/Schedule a Tour

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