We offer Breakfast, AM snack, lunch and PM snack. We base our meals and snacks on the USDA and ChooseMyPlate guidelines. At SING Childcare we understand how important eating a balanced diet including the five food groups along with plenty of water is to ensuring your child has optimum nutrition and hydration for a healthy mind and body. The children are offered the food, but they will not be forced to eat. Filtered water is always available. We strive to offer Organic and/or Non-GMO food choices for all meals and snacks whenever possible. 

We are a “peanut free zone”. Please refrain from bringing peanuts into our childcare facility. We always do our best to serve meals and snacks that are peanut free.

We use the fun interactive video:
"Eat Your Vegetables", by little baby bum to help make healthy eating fun while learning.

Munchkins spoons, forks, bowls, plates, and 360 cups are provided. Place settings are age appropriate. For added learning we also provide MyPlate bowls and plates to assist with healthful eating. Per regulations we provide paper towels or napkins and clean-up.


Visit our MENU section for more details and the current menu.

Special Dietary Needs/Request

If your child has any particular dietary needs please let us know (vegetarian, allergies, religious beliefs, etc.) If the meals and snacks we serve do not work for your child for any reason that is fine, however please be advised in this case, all of the child's meals and snacks will need to be provided by the parent.


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