Parents are responsible for supplying the following items: diapers/pull-ups, wipes, diaper creams, pacifier (if child uses), at least two changes of weather appropriate clothes, shoes, no open back or open toes, (velcro if possible), jacket (if needed), swimsuit (preferably rash guard type with SPF) for use during warm weather and water shoes that stay on your child’s feet (no open toe or open back). We don’t want anyone tripping because of shoes that slip off. sandals or flip flops. Don’t forget socks and a sun hat or mittens and a scarf when it’s cold. SING Childcare supplies and applies sunscreen every day to all children who play outdoors. 


Wet, dirty, and soiled clothes will be put in a plastic bag in your child’s cubby to be taken home and cleaned. We are not responsible for replacing stained or soiled clothing. Please write your child's name on the tags of their clothing (especially socks and underwear) in order to prevent any clothing mix-ups. Play is an important part of development and children will get messy/dirty during activities. Please do not send children in special outfits you do not want dirty or stained.

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